Eumora Imitation Alert:

Currently Eumora Bar is the hottest skin care facial moor soap products in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and even in the USA). Due to that, there is currently a lot of imitation. It would be best not to risk your skin and your face just to save a few dollars or free products! 

                       Peuragen Plus


the freedom to feel fabulous and MORE!

Boosts UP
… maximizes woman's natural assets

… womanly aging experiences t

… of feminine youthfulness

 is an enhanced formula originated form Peuragen and powered by . With the presence of high potency phyto-estrogens (extract from tuber of Pueraria mirifica ) and loaded with advanced Hycollagen, helps to promote a woman's health and beauty the natural way. On top of that, it is improved with isolated bio-ferment Vitamin C and amino complex with high bio-availability, it helps in promoting the experience and appearance of overall feminine youthfulness and maximize a woman's natural assets.


Estrogens play a very important role in a woman's health as well as in maintaining the youthfulness of a woman’s physical body. As a woman matures physically, estrogens level in the body reduced and it becomes more drastically when menopause sets in. This results to ageing and vice-versa, as estrogens work to nourish and preserve a woman’s youthfulness. Phyto-estrogens, derived from Pueraria mirifica, mimic the natural estrogens in a woman’s body which naturally promotes breasts enlargement, skin softening and firming, alleviation of menopausal symptoms, and other estrogen-related benefits.

While on the other hand, Hycollagen found in  is collagen peptide imported from Europe. It is undergone hydrolysis process which made it highly bio-available for human body. It is highly assimilated in human body system.Hycollagen works to enhance the delivery of the benefits of collagen for bone and skin health while targeting to boost breast tissues effectively and safely at an optimum level.

Enhanced with isolated bio-ferment Vitamin C and amino complex, is contributing the benefits to a woman's body system more rapidly because of its higher bio-availability.

 works best for a woman who has completed her puberty growth. Women who are on birth control pills, pregnant or planning for pregnancy should avoid using Peuragen plus. It is also not recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

Direction for use

Fill  into a shaker and shake it with 150ml of cool water and drink immediately. Do not mix with hot water. For maintenance purposes, you may choose to take it once in a few days or even once a week. Every woman’s body is different so you may take it as often as you require it.


Collagen hydrolysate, fructose, blackcurrant powder, Pueraria mirifica extract, maltodextrin, L-arginine, natural blackcurrant flavor, ascorbic acid, citric acid, tricalcium phosphate, microalgae extract, grapeseed extract, sucralose.

Recommended intake

One sachet a day to be taken before bedtime. 


14 sachets x 8.5g


Manufactured with imported natural ingredientd under license of ESABEE Pte Ltd, in Malaysia, in compliance to GMP guidelines






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